Top benefits of having a photo booth at your event

Top benefits of having a photo booth at your event

Photo booths are becoming a common feature in events all across Canada. A majority of event planners have discovered the many benefits that come with this, which is the reason for the increased popularity. A photo booth provides the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures and excitement of photos as you make memories in the most amazing way. There is a variety of options for photobooths for corporate events in Montreal which you can choose from for your next event. Some of the top benefits, which you stand to enjoy from the booth, are highlighted below.

Top three benefits

Networking opportunities

Depending on the nature of the event, there is a chance that most of the attendees will not know each other. Going through the formalities of making acquaintance at the conference table may not be easy or fun for many. A photo booth presents a great opportunity for them to get to know each other. The communication barrier will be broken when they gather at the booth for the fun experience. The guests will be able to interact casually and positively thanks to the shared experience.


Photo booths have an aspect of simplicity. Concerning set up, you only need to place your order, and that is it. They are usually compact and can readily fit into a variety of sections of the party or meeting room. They can even be set up to provide a custom look. All this is much simpler compared to alternatives such as hiring photographers to come and take pictures then wait for days as they finish their editing. Many people will also feel more comfortable when taking pictures alone or with friends in the booth. The booths have photography equipment of professional standards, meaning that the quality of taken photos is always high.

Marketing opportunity

You can market your business, products, or brands quite effectively via the photo booths, especially during a large event or trade shows. Thanks to new technology, the participants will not only get their photos immediately, but they will also have an opportunity to share them on social media. This gives you good publicity, which is great for marketing. The booths usually have large screens as well, where you can display your products, company logo, or any other information that you think will improve your sales.…

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Different Ideas For Wedding Photos

Different Ideas For Wedding Photos

Photo ideas are a top priority when considering how special a wedding is in many people’s hearts. A wedding is another chapter in the hearts of countless people and when it is documented it can reflect the love, emotions, and everything that was shared in each moment. For a wedding photo package Here are some different ideas for wedding photos and photography.

Different Ideas For Wedding Photos

Pre-Planning For Wedding

Have at least two cameras for the wedding, whether you have a second photographer or not. When you have two different cameras available, you will be able to have two lenses always attached for different types of photo ideas, and it also gives you a way to have a backup camera just in case there is an emergency.

wedding photos

Flash matters

Whether your wedding will be mainly inside or outside, it is best to have a flash. A tripod will allow you to take a multitude of photo shots in the same place preventing you from having to move around the camera for adjustments. It is also recommended to have plenty of fresh batteries and memory cards.

Sitting arrangement for the best shot

Take a look at your reception and ceremony location ahead of time so that you can pre-determine what settings are best for your photo shots.
Create a contract with the couple about some photos needed, general expectations, and any monetary transactions. Even if you are just a relative or friend, this can save you many frustrations later. Along with the contract, also create a photo shot list where you talk about what photo shots are to be essential.

Wedding Ceremony

Make sure to take snapshots of the bride getting ready for the ceremony with all her family and friends. If another photographer has been hired, have him take photos of the groom and his friends, as he is getting ready as well.

Wedding Photos

Factor the church venue in

Find out if the ceremony will be in a church or not because some do not allow photography. If you are allowed to take pictures, the main focus should be on the bride and get some with the groom beside the bride. Photo shots should include both full body shots and close ups.


To incorporate several photo ideas, try getting different angles with special details, the bride’s dress, the bouquet or even with the couple holding hands. You can get different higher and lower perspectives of photos by climbing on stairs, balconies or even ladders.…

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