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    If you are into games that can test your strategic acumen, you should get into Clash of Clans. From defense to combat, this game is specifically designed to test your planning skills, thinking abilities, and, of course, your desire to win. Just like any other competitive online game out there, Clash of Clans requires some time getting used to its features and gameplay beats.

    Therefore, if you are new to this amazing game and if you want to get off to a good start, let us help you out by sharing a few tips and tricks.

    Defence strategies

    22,toeioFor starters, whenever you build a structure it will be highlighted. So, try to remember to leave no holes and join all the highlights. This will bolster your defenses and make it quite difficult for the opposing players to break through them.

    Urban planning

    When building villages, try to apply some urban planning basics, so as to build a tightly spaced property. Keep in mind that tightly spaced areas are much easier to defend than large open areas.

    Weaponize your defenses

    As you progress through the game, don’t forget to add all kinds of weapons to your arsenal. Aside from bolstering your defenses, you should also pay attention to the weapons, as their unique abilities will surely come quite handy when trying to fend off an attacker.

    On the offense

    When making your attack, make sure to determine your ultimate goal. This usually boils down to whether you want to accumulate elixir or gold. Depending on your ultimate goal, your offensive strategy will require certain changes throughout the game. However, the most important thing will be to upgrade your elixir and gold collection to the max. By doing that, you will substantially increase your chances of winning. One good way of doing that would be to constantly attack the villages that are piling elixir or gold. Each time you conquer such a village, the amount of your elixir and gold will drastically increase.


    Now, if you simply lack the time or skills to accumulate enough elixir or gold, you can always resort to a clash of clans hack, to quickly acquire the necessary gold, elixir or gems. If you think this is an unfair shortcut, just keep in mind that it may take you months or even years to accumulate hundreds of gems.

    So what are some of the features of effective Clash of Clans hacks:

    Elixir and Gold hacks

    Undoubtedly, the most tedious part of playing Clash of Clans online is waiting for elixir and gold to pile up. These resources are needed to build your army, build constructions and buy crucial upgrades. With a hack tool, you can get instant access to high amounts of these resources.

    Gem Hacks

    33.ndlkjkrlGems are necessary to speed up your base’s construction and its subsequent upgrades. One way of acquiring gems involves getting achievements or removing stones, trees, and junk in your area. On the other hand, if you need an instant solution, use the hack.

    Full support

    It is no secret that the majority of mobile gamers use rooted devices. However, there are also plenty of those that use unmodified devices, as well. To overcome this distinction, quality Clash of Clans hacks are designed so as to work on any version of an iOS or Android device.

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