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Different types of virtual reality equipment

Different types of virtual reality equipment

Use of virtual reality has substantially grown over the past few years. The use of VR used to be a fantasy fictitious story as long as 1935 as placed by an American writer, Stanley G Weinbaum. Lots of credit should, however, be given to an American teenager by the name Palmer Luckey for the latest current age virtual reality devices. The different types of Virtual Reality can be well used across several industries and disciplines. In the present day, most of the fields that apply VR technology include sport, medicine, training military aviation, architecture and most important the entertainment industry.

The oculus rift

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It is the most expensive and more advanced as it is the gold standard of virtual reality Head Mounted Displays(HMDs). To use the Oculus Rift, a powerful Personal Computer is needed. It is important to note however that the Oculus Rift was purchased by new owners. It is best for individuals keen and interested on a first-hand view of how Facebook will make virtual reality more social. Oculus Rift has inventive developers making games for it. Some of the applications and games found in Oculus Rift include Minecraft VR, Chronos, Henry, Jaunt VR, The Climb and many others.

HTC vive/stream VR

HTC vibe is as a result of a partnership between Taiwanese tech firm HTC and gaming Company Valve. It is a comprehensive package including two-motion controllers, a headset and too base stations. It is the leading VR headset controller on the market today. Despite the fact of containing several games and apps like the Oculus Rift, they are the main rivals in the market. Some unique features in vibe include a front-facing camera and a base station that tracks your movements. It is, however, important to note that the HTC video is the most expensive system on the market and tedious to set up.

Sony playstation VR

It is an accessory for the play station 4 games console.This is necessary for the play station 4 games.

Samsung gear VR

It is the most accessible VR system. They use your smartphone as both the processor and the screen. Although it is a little bit more affordable than the Oculus Rift, all the same, it is powered by Oculus.

Google cardboard and daydream

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It is cheaper than most HMDs. It is best for getting started with VR cheaply and easily for the Samsung non-owners. Google services such as youtube and street view work in hand with Google Cardboard. With continuous technological developments, it is important to adverse yourself with the various VR equipment.








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