Party 101- Party Planning Tips For Amateurs

Party 101- Party Planning Tips For Amateurs

Planning a party can be a very complicated and time-consuming process, and this is why some people simply choose to hire party planners and leave everything to them. However, while this may sound like a convenient solution to the problem, it can also be quite an expensive one. Therefore you might want to consider planning the party on your own. If you do, then you naturally, want the party to be a huge success and here are some tips that, if applied correctly, should help you plan the party of the year.

Get the right supplies

The main reason why most parties fail even after careful planning is partyusually that the planners fail to procure the right supplies. When you rent party supplies here, you need to make sure that those supplies meet three essential conditions. The first is the theme of the party. Every great party must be planned around a theme. Is it a birthday party, a wedding party or what kind of party is it?

The kind of supplies that you procure for the party must be related to the theme of the party. For instance, it would be wrong for you to rent party supplies here for a wedding party when, in effect, you are planning a baby birthday party. The second condition is the quality of the supplies, and the third condition is the reliability of the supplier. When you rent party supplies here, you want to be sure that the supplies will be delivered to the venue at the correct time.

Confirm attendance

You have probably attended or planned a party that was widely advertised and hyped but to which very few people showed up. Planning a party for, say, a hundred guests and ending up with less than twenty guests at the venue is a thorough let down and that party can only be described as a big flop. Not to mention the vast sums of money that will have been wasted buying supplies and catering for ghost guests. Make sure you try and follow up with every single person on your list of guests and confirm whether they will be coming or not so that you can adjust your plans accordingly in advance.

Consider a test run

ribbonIf you are planning a major party during which you cannot afford to make even a single mistake, then it is highly advisable that you do a test run first. This means that you plan a mock of the real party to serve as a rehearsal. Depending on the nature of the party, you can have some guests attend the rehearsal, or you can leave out the guests and conduct the rehearsal with the staff that will be serving at the actual party. The benefit of staging such a rehearsal is that it will help you identify areas of potential trouble and give you the chance to fix them before the real party gets underway. While you are at it, you may also find new and exciting ways to improve the party.