The Unique Singing of Adele

The Unique Singing of Adele


Born in North London, England, Adele was an amazing anomaly that made a huge success in international Stardom right out of the gate. With hits like her breakthrough song, “Hometown Glory”, “Someone like you” and “Hello”. Adele has numerous followers from all over the globe, ready to spend good money to buy Buy Adele Tickets as well as her albums.

About Adele

The English-born singer and songwriter is a graduate from the BRIT school for Performing Arts and Technology. This is a prestigious school that had the likes of alum Amy Winehouse as well.

Even though Adele was exceptionally bright and eager to learn, she didn’t thrive in a traditional classroom setting. Therefore, her mother who encouraged pursuing any and all passions; enrolled her in the BRIT School for the Performing Arts & Technology. It was during her tenure in school did she create a three-track demo for a class project which ended up on MySpace that got some attention. This reached the big studio honchos at XL Recordings and who promptly contacted her. Fresh off school, Adele was signed up for her first contract in 2006.

Adele’s Albums

Adele’s first studio album was released early 2008 to international and commercial success that the album ended up platinum, seven times over in U.K.

And also double platinum in the U.S. Her presentation on Saturday Night Live Adelein 2008, made her a household name in the U.S. Winning the Grammy’s for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocal Performance in 2009. This was her one-way ticket to superstardom. With much pressure for an encore, Adele released her second studio album 21 in 2011. This album overshadowed her debut album earning her new heights of awards and recognition. Not
surprisingly, the success of this album also earned Adele a respectable page in the Guinness Book of World Records. Adele also was the voice and brains behind the 2012 Bond movie soundtrack, ‘Skyfall’ which ended up being a mega hit just as much as, if not better than the movie itself. In 2015, Adele released the album 25, which included the hit single “Hello”. The Vevo video for the song broke the record for the fastest 1 billion views on YouTube. She has a contralto vocal range, with allegedly an additional four notes to the top of her range after her throat surgery.

It will be a crime if a true fan of music does not witness this emotive and passionate singer live in action. As expected most often her tickets are sold out before the day ends once it is released but fortunately. Catch Adele on her ‘Adele Live 2016’ tour at a concert near you!