Entry Level Film Production Jobs

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In the film industry, many jobs require years of on-set experience or a lengthy apprenticeship but since most fresh graduates lack this real-world experience, the first job search can be discouraging. The simple solution to this inconvenience however, is finding – entry level film production jobs. These jobs are excellent building blocks for industry careers; the first step of the proverbial thousand miles. They will help you get your foot in the door and enter the cutthroat world of film production and with enough desire and hard work; you may be the next Steven Spielberg.


They include the following positions:


1. Internships

Internships are an exchange of services whereby you work for a company and in return gain real-world experience, training and connections, which come in handy when looking for employment in the future. Finding the right internship is very important and conducting thorough research is thus mandatory. Internship positions are usually in high demand with steep competition so you have to be up to the challenge.


2. Production assistant

This is one of the lowest jobs in film production. Seemingly thankless and with no glory, the PA job is an important rite of passage and a stepping stone to get to a mid-level production job. Responsibilities of this job are not entirely desirable and they revolve around miscellaneous tasks such as fetching coffee and lunch for others and making copies of scripts. However, they are not difficult and are paramount for the success of the filming project.


Film Production3. Assistant editor

This is a good place to start if you are interested in video editing. This position is however very demanding since a production assistant typically works between the crew and the editor smoothening everything out so that the editor can only focus on cutting. It also requires great competence in film and digital technology such as working with editing software. The job tasks include planning for sound effects with the sound team, compiling footage, compiling edit decision list, monitoring continuity among others.


4. Grip

The Grip builds up and tears down the equipment supporting the camera. This influences how smoothly the shots will run. It is a crucial job and an opportunity to gain experience if you intend to learn how to create sets with the cinematographer. As a Grip, you have the opportunity to work very closely with the director and you stand to learn a lot.


5. Freelance videographer

Entry Level Film Production Jobs (3)If you do not want to submit yourself to years of apprenticeship and gofer work, this is the way to go. You only need access to the necessary video gear, have video knowledge and a “go-getter” attitude. You have to look for and book jobs by yourself and build your own portfolio and client network. Every job is crucial and it determines if you get ahead in the filming business or if you have to find a new line of work.

Entry-level positions come with many challenges. They involve a lot of hard work and little appreciation. To be successful, you will have to be not only talented and creative but also determined, thick-skinned, patient and able to make new connections. They may not be glamorous but- entry level film production jobs can make a firm foundation for a budding career in the film industry.…

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