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Why Bian Lian Mask Changing Performances Moves Crowds

The Chinese Opera is one of the most seasoned types of execution artistry found in our reality today. In the course of recent years, Chinese musical show has developed into a broad range of territorial assortments. This work of art is as fluctuated as it is various in its presentation. A standout amongst the most shrouded and astonishing shows is the Lion Dance coupled with  Bian Lian or mask changing. As such, Lion Dance Singapore have taken it to another level by providing formidable opening ceremony performances.Bian Lian Mask

Bian Lian is a craftsmanship in which the entertainer will wear brilliantly hued outfits and resplendent musical show themed veils. These covers are the superstars, for a Bian Lian entertainer can switch between various covers in a small amount of a moment. Entertainers may change between 10-20 masks or more in a single show. The mystery is viewed as a national fortune in China. Most Bian Lian entertainers wear veils of a popular musical drama character called a Jing. The Jing’s feeling can be perused through the hues all over.

Techniques used in swapping masks

  • Blowing dust – The entertainer blows powder covered up in his palm or a little box on the stage, so it blows once more into his face taking after with his turn.
  • Wiping – The entertainer wipes out the vivid greasepaints which are covered up in a specific piece of his face, like the sideburns or eyebrows, to change their facial appearance when vital.
  • Pulling-down – The entertainer can pull down a cover which has already been covered up on the highest point of his head, transforming his face into different colors to express joy, loathe, outrage or pity. This method is complicated to the point that the entertainer must move rapidly yet easily to accomplish the stunning impact

Reasons to go for Bian Lian mask changing shows

For entertainment and appreciation of cultural diversity

Different moves and acrobatic styles performed to entertain guests in that they create a lively mood. Moreover, the Bian Lian mask changing show came as a result of the people of China. In one way or another attending, such displays help appreciate ad preserve certain people’s culture.


Huge numbers of us empty ourselves amid our valuable time far from work, by exchanging the sofa. Mask changing shows can be used as a vacation for rest away from the normal work routine


There’s somebody to meet from different places on the planet, and you never know where you will meet them. In these shows, you will be able to see, talk and gain from a huge number of individuals from each side of the world. Memories are created via taking of pictures to preserve the good old memories.…

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